Penguin Magic Podcast

Brian Miller - The Practice - S2E46

September 09, 2021 Erik Tait Season 2 Episode 46
Penguin Magic Podcast
Brian Miller - The Practice - S2E46
Show Notes

Brian Miller is a globe-trotting magician and corporate speaker known for his viral Ted Talk that has been seen by more than 4.3 million people.  He has a special spot in his heart for the incredible book The Practice by Seth Godin. Brian talks at length about the book, and why it's must-read material for magicians of all skill levels. Nick Locapo stops by the show to discuss the featured product of the week from Bennie Chickering. Before all that mnemonist and memory expert SarahElla Phant tries to tell us her top five tricks before the clock runs out in the Top Five Under Five.


Speakeasy by Dan Harlan:
Easy as Pi by SarahElla Phant:
The Amazingest Memory Test by SarahElla Phant:

The Practice by Seth Godin:

Siamese Waltz by Bennie Chickering:

Brian's Interview with Seth Godin: